If there is a boy-band that could possibly take the ‘emo resurgence’ joke too far, it would be Reside. The only difference now is that everyone’s in on the joke, and listening to the music of the 5-piece, multi talented, alternative rock boy-band.

Reside are an Alternative Rock/Edgy Pop Punk/Emo band from eastern side of Melbourne. Reside began as a studio project for the 20-something year old boys, with Liam Guinane (Vocals, Guitar) collaborating with Dylan Houston (Drums) and later adding Sale Brown (Vocals, Bass), Ariel Johnson (Guitar, Vocals), and Will Eggleton (Guitar). Since then they have had the ability to capture the attention of an audience all around Melbourne and even Australia with a brute-force injection of aggression, charisma and enough diversity to satisfy any standard.

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